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Why Robotic Knee/Hip Replacement in India?

Patients from UK, Germany, USA, Canada and Australia with serious orthopedic ailments are being attracted to India. Patients are flocking to India for a number of reasons, the major one being affordable cost. In India, patients can get cost-efficient cure, paying a quarter or sometimes even the 10th of the cost that they are supposed to pay in their native countries. Other factors that play a key role in drawing foreign nationals to India include personalized care, high quality low cost treatment, skilled surgery, clean hospitals and the absence of hidden charges and intermediaries. The average cost of a medical treatment in India is almost 1/6th of that in developed countries.Not only patients but travelers also are turning to India in search of medical or health tours. They find it an excellent option to team up a tropical vacation with elective orthopedic surgery. There are many private hospitals in the country offering health tour packages including medical treatment and sightseeing tours.
Even for people from countries like Africa, Bangladesh, Yemen, South East Asia and the Middle East, India has become the most preferred healthcare destination. Day-to-day surgical operations Fully Robotic knee and hip replacement, hip resurfacing and joint preservation surgery of hip and knee are very much required by medical tourists coming to India. People aged 60 years or above suffering from chronic ailments of the hip and knee are unable to afford surgical treatment in their own countries. Most of the people (45 million in the US) in the age group of 60-70 also do not possess insurance. A long waiting list of up to a year in the UK for elective orthopedic surgery also happens to be a major deterrent for patients. Under these circumstances, people with orthopedic ailments find it a feasible option to travel to India.

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