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Why To Choose Robotic Knee Replacement

With the increasing cases of Arthritis, Rheumatoid, and Osteoarthritis, knee pain leading to knee replacement surgeries is at a rise. In a scenario like this, a breakthrough technology is an all-time boon that can help surgeons perform the surgery without the scope of manual or miscalculated error and help patients get the best of outcomes. To address the requirements of both patients and surgeons, Cori(Semi-active robot for knee replacement surgery) is here at Nagpal Superspeciality Hospital, Bathinda.

The benefits of CORI robotic knee replacement include:

  • - Smaller incisions
  • - Minimal postoperative pain
  • - Minimal muscle trauma/scarring
  • - Greater accuracy in implant placement
  • - Improved implant longevity
  • - Shorter hospital stay
  • - Rapid recovery

What Is Cori knee Replacment Robot ?

The Cori is a semi-active robot which is an advanced and efficient handheld robotics-assisted platform for total and unicompartmental knee arthroplasty. It is developed by Smith+Nephew and backed by the company’s Real Intelligence digital solution. CORI surgical system offers a wide range of compatible total and partial knee arthroplasty implants .

Semi-Active Knee Replacement Surgery
The role of Cori in semi-active knee replacement surgery. The surgery is performed entirely by your surgeon by prompting the robotic hands based on the personalized plan developed by your surgeon. The CORI surgical system is only an additional tool to guide your surgeon to ensure greater accuracy in the placement of knee implants.
How Is It Different From others in market ?

The CORI Surgical system is arguably the most sophisticated orthopaedic robotic system available. It's like taking a large, traditional surgical robot, making it smarter, and shrinking it to fit in your hand. Instead of a bulky appliance moving your hand during surgery, CORI allows you to perform the procedure while it corrects for you. It keeps the surgeon in control and makes everything more elegant. "Smith+Nephew's Real Intelligence ecosystem puts the surgeon at the center by combining all aspects of patient care, hardware, software and data solutions to enhance decision-making in and out of the OR."